Eating the same thing every day can be a very good thing but it can also be boring and tire ding. Eating same food have many advantages and disadvantages on the basis of those you can decide whether to stick with it or leave it.

Advantages :

Easy tracking of calories and nutrition:

It is good to eat the same meal every day as we can track how much we eat and what nutrition’s we are taking in or how many calories we have taken. But we have to make sure to get a balanced meal like we need carbs, protein, calories, fibers, fat, minerals, and vitamins, the ratio of all these should be present in the meal to keep it a well-balanced diet. So that you should not get a deficiency of anything.

Weight loss:

It is easier for us to lose some weight if you are eating the same meal every day but that isn’t possible for all the cases. But the intake of 1200 to 1800 calories are enough and can prevent weight gain. If you are eating same meal but it is not healthy, and you are not tracking the amount of calories that can reverse the results, but if you are intaking the same amount of calories that’s really helpful.


Eating the same meal every day can be awesome like if you are choosing your favorite foods. It is not sure that you will enjoy that food after a month but your favorite food you can enjoy that. And if your meals are healthy and balanced that will not harm your heaLth but if food your choice is not healthy and balance it can affect you in many numbers of ways. So try to eat a well-balanced diet.



Eating same things or food every day can be really tiring and especially if you are following a weight loss diet that lacks luster, you will easily get bored of it. You will eat less because of that, and you will quit it very soon.

Nutrient Deficiencies:

It is difficult to get all the nutrients that your body needs if you are eating the same meal every day. But if you are doing it well planned and taking a healthy diet then you can cover your deficiencies. It is best for the body to get all the nutrients which come from different meals.

Toxicity Concerns:

Depending on what food we are choosing our food can build up toxicity in the body. Like having a fish every day can give you a lot of supply of mercury which is not healthy for our bodies, it can cause some serious brain damage and not good for pregnant women.

Weight Gain:

If you are eating the same meal every day with high protein and fat that can lead you to get fat really quickly. So choose your food wisely like try to eat low-fat foods and food with high calcium in it, that is healthy for the body.

7 Reasons You’re Bloated

Got an erratic gut? You’re not the only one. Bloating is amongst the most common digestive disorders out there, upsetting at least one in 10 Americans.

  1. You have a desk job.

Being in sitting position the whole day all and swelling go hand in hand — your GI tract will move in a slower way if you are not really active. If you feel that being deskbound for extended stretches at a time might be adding up to your bloated abdomen, then make some effort in arranging small breaks to stand up, stretch or walk from one place to another. Purchase a treadmill desk only if it is affordable.

  1. You eat too fast.

Mother always try to make sure that you consumed your meal properly and not hurriedly. No doubt, you eat a bit fast whenever in a rush, but consumption of food very rapidly can lead you to gulp extra air, generating a bloated gut. But, it is not the only issue of eating in a quick manner. When the ingested food has not been chewed appropriately; as a result, larger amounts of food will remain in the stomach, which means your digestive tract will have to work harder for it.

  1. Stress. (Of course.)

It is supposed that the reason of every type of sickness largely happens due to stress— and there is no unlikeness in bloating. The stress influences the body in two ways. As For one, stress might really withdraw the required blood from your GI tract to accomplish digestion. And next, it can trigger behaviors that lead to bloat, for example, cigarettes smoking, chewing gum, or drinking soda — all of these block your gut with air.

  1. You skip meals.

When your gut is unable to move anything forward, consequently, it becomes lazy. Due to which bloating occurs whenever you do ingest food. The best way to prevent bloating is the Consumption of frequent small meals and snacks all over the day.

  1. Your hormones.

There lies an association between the dominance of Estrogen and bloating. The responsible factor is the hormonal contraceptives. Rendering to some investigators and clinicians, these medications can cause destruction on your stomach health. For most of the women, the indications are understated. But they may comprise of a warning sign of similar irritable bowel syndrome, which includes recurrent bloating, and constipation gas.

  1. You’re dehydrated.

Despite the consumption of 8 glasses of water every day, it does not necessarily mean that you are hydration status is fully met. If you tend to drink tea, coffee or soda, you may be damaging your stores of water. Other mutual offenders are staying in air-conditioned places for a longer time or getting antihistamines. Do not forget, your intestines is in need of a huge amount of water for the proper flow of things.

  1. You’re depressed.

Reduced serotonin levels, a symbol of unhappiness, have been associated with bloating and constipation. Ill-advisedly, bloating is a common unexpected result, if you are ingesting antidepressants. If possible, choose consultation before medication. Physical activity can also raise your mood — and act upon a bloated gut.

How to Beast Box Jumps and Other Plyometric Exercises?

Exercise brings along amazing changes in your life and trying different kinds of exercises makes you happy and more satisfied. Make sure you maintain your balance, food and water intake when you exercise. Do not rush and never exercise to lose weight. Your target should be to stay happy and active. If you start to exercise with a goal of just to lose weight, you will get bored very soon and will never lose. Getting bored will make you upset and when you get upset your metabolism will get slower and automatically it will make it extremely difficult for you to exercise.

Going to the gym every day will help you enhance your strength and body movement. Moreover, it enhances your social life by meeting the other people. If you hit the gym daily or do exercise regularly, this will lower the risk of diabetes and many other diseases.

When you go to the gym, you will often be asked to do beast box jumps which are the variation of plyometric exercise. The beast box jumps, frog jumps help you in increasing your motion range, speed, and flexibility. Before moving to weightlifting doing these plyometric exercises will create a strong basis along with increasing the strength and stability of the body.

Plyometric exercises can be divided into three distinct phases:

  1. Eccentric: It is the phase when the knees are half bent and person is in half squat position.
  2. Amortization: It is the phase when force is applied to the knees and heels to jump.
  3. Concentric: When after jumping you land on the beast box it is the last phase.

Frog Leap

Progression 1

Start with standing a little wide with your toes turned outwards. With palms facing towards each other raise your arms.

  1. Sit in a deep squat position and distribute the body weight evenly between your arches and heels.
  2. Lift your left leg up to the hip while bending the same knee.
  • Bring right thigh towards the same side elbow to use the oblique muscles of the right side.

Progression 2

  1. Start again with a deep squat position with palms facing each other and hands overhead.
  2. Now jump by forcing heels down so that thighs touch the thighs.
  • Land softly and do a squat before jumping. Do it five to eight times.

Box Jumps

Progression 1

  1. Spread your feet about shoulder width apart and stand behind a step with slightly bent knees.
  2. Step onto the step with one foot while keeping the knees bent.
  • Step down with one foot and repeat this five times.

Progression 2

  1. Repeat step one of above progression
  2. Now jump onto the step with both feet with knees slightly bent.
  • Jump down and repeat it about five to eight times.

NOTE: Please do this exercise after consulting your doctor. If you are suffering from any joints or bone issues. Please avoid doing it. Do not rush. Every exercise is not made for everyone so calm down.  Do try if you can. Best of luck.


Why Fitness and Nutrition Go Hand in Hand?

Fitness and nutrition go hand in hand. Physical activity and healthy eating are the prime factors which keep your body energetic and in a good physical shape. As your body continues to grow, it requires right amounts of nutritious food so that it may develop to the best of its potential. While planning out your fitness routine, intake of the nutrients should be given a substantial importance as it will be helpful in fulfilling your body needs by boosting up the energy level, building stamina and strength to carry out a successful fitness plan.

Eating right will help you maintain your weight as well as it will protect you from major health problems. When it comes to the fitness point, your diet plan should be such that it maximizes your energy. Undoubtedly small changes can bring big differences. Take small steps in improving your diet plan and nutrition and move towards a healthy life.  The food pyramid is considered to be quite helpful in this regard.

Healthy Cards and Whole Grains

Choose healthy carbohydrates (grains, beans, etc.) and whole grain (whole wheat, brown rice, barley, etc.) food for long-lasting energy as they are digested at a slow and consistent rate. It provides you with fuel you need to exercise. The count should be of six to eleven servings per day. A grainy cereal which is rich in carbohydrates is a perfect start of the day for your fitness routine but remember the cereal should be of whole grain. Avoid taking the refined one.

Eat Plenty of Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, fibers, minerals, etc. and low in calories. Focus on taking at least five servings per day, and it will naturally fill you up along with helping you in cutting down unhealthy diet from your fitness routine. The can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Add Calcium for Healthy Bones

Calcium is the essential requirement for strong bones and teeth. Dairy products are rich in calcium. They are also easily digested and absorbed by the body. Therefore, there should be two to three servings per day of dairy product in your plan which may include low-fat cheese, unsweetened yogurt, and skim milk.

Many vegetables, especially the green leafy ones also contain calcium which can be a part of your perfect fitness plan. Sources may include broccoli, green beans, cabbage, etc.

Add proteins for healthy muscles

Intake of protein helps us keep going all the day. It is essential for building strong muscles. Low-fat protein two to three servings per day should be the part of your fitness plan. Eat plenty of fish, chicken, and plant-based protein such as nuts, soy, and beans. Milk, eggs, and cheese also contribute to the protein rich food items.

Bottom Line

It is suggested that your fitness routine must include at least one item from each of the food group with every meal. It will ensure maximum energy that you will get from taking the right amount of nutritious food every day. Thus your perfect fitness routine plan will freshen up your mind and provide you with the energy required for your exercise and other activities.

Mark Wahlberg Supplements For Inspiring For Body Builders

Those who are putting their effort in muscle building will find it hard to achieve a muscular body. In addition to the balanced diet and regular exercise, they should start taking supplements for boosting the health. Supplements are the nutrients that promote the growth of various nutrients in the body for muscle building, improved blood circulation in the body, formation of new blood cells and improved immunity. There are vitamin supplements, protein supplements and various other supplements that fulfill the nutritional requirement of the body. There are lots of celebrities who consume different types of supplements for gaining the muscular body. These supplements help them to get attractive lean and muscular body.

Mark Wahlberg is a popular celebrity who is an actor, producer and a great businessman. He is popular for the attractive muscular look not only among the females but also among the males.  Girls want their prince charming to have the looks like him and guys want to achieve the body like him. That’s why there is hype about Mark Wahlberg supplements to check out the secret of this celeb for the great personality.

Secret of dedicated bodybuilder

Mark Wahlberg is a great body builder who is known for keeping his body in shape. It is really challenging for the individuals to put their body to heat for getting curved and toned muscles. He along with his athlete friends has tested several supplements for muscle growth to get the desired results. At the end, he was able to get the right supplement that gives him the desired results. Such supplements include ripped whey protein, performance whey, explosive pre workout etc. Along with these supplements, there are many more dietary supplements that are consumed by the body builders for getting a perfect muscular body. Lives of the celebrities are very busy that they do not have the time to spend long hours in the gym, they need a solution that helps in getting the optimum results of workout without spending long hours in gym. So, these types of supplements are the pushup factors for the muscle growth hormones that play an important role in boosting the muscles and getting a perfect body.

Performance booster supplements

Dietary supplements are considered as the performance boosters as they promote the growth of nutrients and hormones in the body for getting muscle strength in the natural way. These supplements are not injected instead consumed in the form of power or pills that have better results on your body. These are likely to have fewer side effects as compared to the steroids that are the drugs for body building.  If you are looking for the supplements for getting a body builder like body, you can easily find it in the local market and on the online store. Buy them and start consuming them in the right way as per the directions mentioned on it. All the natural supplements consist of the natural ingredients that are safe to consume. There are no fillers or substitutes used in such types of supplements for achieving optimum results.